What is Qigong?

Qigong is a holistic health system that works on the most fundamental level of human life, the level of Qi (Chi, Life force energy) and Shen (Mind, Consciousness). Practising Qigong is a natural way to enhance health, heal illness and develop our full potential as human beings. It involves physical movements, special mind activities, breathing, sounds, emotions and other techniques to activate Qi and harmonize its flow. Practicing Qigong strengthens the connection and integration between the body, mind and human life force and promotes the body’s own self-healing processes.

Numerous studies in China and internationally have demonstrated the practise of Qigong works well on most of the musculoskeletal disorders, improves the functioning of the circulatory system and efficiency of the cardiac muscles, increases lung capacity and transportation of oxygen to the cells and their utilization of it. It also increases the bone density and digestive juices, adjusts internal secretions and regulates the glands, slows aging and promotes longevity.

While the first and most obvious benefit of practising Qigong is an improvement in physical health and wellbeing, Qigong practice also increases the ability of the mind to focus and see clearly enabling one to gain more control of life.

Qigong techniques, styles, systems

There are records of more than 2,400 different styles of Qigong as well as thousands of single techniques that may not belong to a particular style.  One can spend few lifetimes just familiarizing himself with these practices, trying to chose, combine and create one's own set of Qigong exercises for practice.  However this may not be the best approach to start since this work has already been done and the result of it is what we refer to as Qigong systems.  The Qigong systems are created to provide people with safe, effective and efficient set of practices that anyone can use according their own abilities and needs. Following a good system will allow the practitioner to gradually go deeper and deeper in Qigong avoiding strong Qi-reactions and side effects that may accompany some of the traditional Qigong styles and practices. Following a system can save time and confusion and provide faster and consistent results.


Yuan Gong system

Yuan Gong is an embodiment of the latest development in Qigong, Qigong science and the art of life cultivation. It is a light, free and beautiful practice that has the power to heal illness, enhance health and fill you with calmness and peace.  It is a Qigong system designed with the intention of using the principles of the 5 E’s:

Easy to learn • Easy to practice • Enjoyable • Efficient • Effective •

There are nine methods in Yuan Gong, divided into three stages with three methods for each. While all three stages work on Qi, the body and the consciousness, each stage has its focus:

• First stage - Qi and the body
• Second stage - Qi on a deeper level and on the consciousness
• Third stage - the development of the consciousness

The design of Yuan Gong follows the principles of working on life step by step, from the basic level to the deeper levels, from the external to the internal. It takes care of the whole of life from the start and has different focuses at different stages. For example, the first stage focuses mainly on bringing change to the body and Qi. The second stage focuses primarily on the transformation of Qi on a deeper level and secondly on Shen and the consciousness. The third stage focuses primarily on the elevation of Shen and the consciousness and secondly on Qi.

Regular Yuan Gong practice has been proven to be beneficial for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Tian Yuan - the 1st method of Yuan Gong

Tian Yuan. The practice of it can bring the practitioner into a deep Qigong state within a relatively short time. In this deep state, the connection with the universe can be strengthened and a large amount of Qi can be activated and gathered. The practice of Tian Yuan can work on Qi on a deep level, increasing the amount of Qi in the body and improving its flow. By working on Sanjiao, the organs are also strengthened. The deep Qigong experience will also benefit the consciousness and help develop and maintain a calm, relaxed, natural and positive state.

When practicing Tian Yuan, one should imagine being a giant bird soaring and dancing in the universe, with a strong sense of freedom and a feeling of being one with the universe.


 Di Yuan - the 2nd method of Yuan Gong

Di Yuan is a standing form designed to gather Qi in the Lower, Middle and Upper Dantians. These are the Qi distribution centres for physical Qi, organ Qi and Qi of the consciousness respectively. Therefore strengthening Qi in the Dantians can have benefits on all levels of life. With the use of Dantian Breathing, Qi can be effectively built up and the consciousness can also be improved, including its focus, stability and clarity. Through Di Yuan practice, one can improve the ability to maintain an internal awareness and keep the body, Qi and consciousness unified. Sustained and regular practice of Di Yuan can build the foundation necessary for improving one’s Qigong level.

As a still Qigong practice, Di Yuan works well with moving practice such as Tian Yuan. Combined practice of still Qigong and moving Qigong is an effective and balanced approach to Qigong.

Basic and Supplementary exercises of Yuan Gong

During the introductory level students are taught the basic principles of qigong along with the Basic Exercises that are the foundation for one’s qigong practice and health improvement. These exercises work on opening energy channels, moving Qi within the body and strengthening the body functions. They are suitable for all practitioners, especially beginners. Basic exercises work well on all major joints, spine and lower back. They create good effect in overall body, work on heart and lung organ Qi, urinary and reproductive systems and conditions like back pain, high blood pressure, sleeping disorders, headaches, digestive disorders etc. 

At this level you will also learn few simple yet powerful techniques for healing and self healing.  You can use these techniques both to work on your own health problems and help your family and friends.


Ren Yuan - the 3rd method of Yuan Gong

Ren Yuan is the last method of the First Stage of Yuan Gong system - External Transformation Stage.  It is designed to work on Qi at a deeper level than the first two methods of this stage.

The method requires the unification of the consciousness, Qi and the body. When using its special Xin Fa (internal method), movement is activated by Qi. This method is mainly to work on the physical level, including the skin, muscles, tendons and sinews, blood vessels, bones and all of the organs by opening the channels in the body and promoting the flow of Qi in these channels.  The practice of Ren Yuan effects deep change of Qi directly in these physical parts and structures and so is very beneficial for strengthening the body, preventing illness and improving overall health.

Ren Yuan consists of 18 parts/sections - Opening Form (1 section), 5 Main Segments (3 sections each) and Ending (2 sections). Each one of those 18 sections is for working on a specific part of the body, and therefore can be used to address the problems in that part or to strengthen it. The three sections that make up a segment work together in an organic way to make the segment a comprehensive method in itself. In other words, each of the 18 sections and each of the six segments (five main and one combining the opening and the ending) can be used as an individual method and practised in accordance with the needs of the practitioner.

Xia Yuan - the 4th method of Yuan Gong

Xia Yuan is a basic method in the Second Stage – Internal Transformation Stage.  Sounds, mind activity, visualization and hand forms are used to improve the pure original Qi of the organs.  Xia Yuan method works on the pure original Qi of the five Yin organs, and in turn will also have effects on the six Yang organs which are closely connected with them. This method can strengthen organ Qi and connect and regulate the pure original Qi of the organs in the body.

Xia Yuan can activate and move the pure original Qi of the organs quickly and strongly so it can have obvious effects on improving organ Qi.  It is a simple method that is relatively easy to learn and practise.  It is designed to be efficient so the practice is relatively short.  The practice of Xia Yuan also gives rise to strong Qi sensations.


Zhong Yuan and Shang Yuan - the 5th & 6th methods of Yuan Gong

The Fifth Method is designed for opening the Ren channel (Ren Mai) and the Du channel (Du Mai) and for the initial opening of the ‘Six Qi Centres (Qi Lun)’ and the Central Channel (Zhong Mai).

The Sixth Method, built upon the practice of the Fifth Method, is designed to deepen the opening of the Six Qi Centres and the Central Channel, expand Qi to the whole body and concentrate Qi into the Central Line.  The practice of the Sixth Method is also important for laying the foundation for the next stage of practice – Integration and Unification of Human and Universe.

These two methods are built upon the previous four methods and they are meant to take practice to a deeper level. They belong to Still Qigong and consist of a series of special techniques. The practice of these two methods is intended to facilitate the smooth flow of Qi through each and every part of the body. It is also intended to open the Central Channel which, although formed before birth, does not open and function after birth.

Furthermore, the practice of these two methods can help the practitioner gradually achieve harmony and unification of Xing (body), Qi, Yi (consciousness), Xin (heart) and Shen and raise the level of Qi and health. These practices can contribute to the development of special abilities.

The design of these two methods draws on the essence of various disciplines, including Qigong, Daoism, Buddhism and Yoga. Consideration for safety and effectiveness are at their core. They are the fruit of Yuan Tze’s comprehensive, in-depth exploration and practice of the methods used in these disciplines and his efforts to extract their essence. Much effort has been applied to refining the various techniques, and separating treasure from trash.

Tong Yuan, Ling Yuan and Ming Yuan - the 7th, 8th & 9th methods of Yuan Gong (to be introduced to the public in 2017-2018)

They constitute the Xin Shen Transformation Stage of Yuan Gong. The practice at this stage aims to promote the transformation of Shen. It is designed to support practitioners’ work on their Shen and inner nature by helping them see the consciousness more clearly and make change to it. The practice at this stage works as reliable technical support for the development of awareness, realization and wisdom.


Everyday Life Qigong

Most Qigong practice lasts between a half hour and an hour, but because Qigong is so beneficial it is useful to do as much as possible. By turning our everyday lives into a Qigong practice we can strengthen our Qi while carrying out our lives.

Everyday Life Qigong is an excellent way of maintaining a stable and high level of Qi, essential for a healthy body and mind. For senior Qigong practitioners, this is an important way to move their practise to an even deeper level.

The various Qigong techniques include Qigong for sitting, standing, walking and lying (sleeping). Effective breathing techniques are also part of the course and they can be used to address problems with energy levels, brain functions, insomnia, difficulty in getting up, poor appetite etc.



Zhineng Qigong system

Training session at Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Recovery CentreZhineng Qigong is one of the very few natural health systems that have been clinically tested on a large scale. In the early 90’s Prof. Pang set up the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training, Research and Recovery Centres. Over a period of ten years the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Recovery Centre has treated more than 300,000 patients with 180 different diseases. The only treatment patients received there was their own Qigong practice and external Qi-therapy in the case of more severe illness. Improvement of the conditions or complete elimination of the illness was recorded in 95% of the cases.

As a result of an extensive research carried on by the Chinese bureau of Sports and Qigongs, Zhineng Qigong was recognised to be the best health enhancing practice amongst all existing Qigong and Taiji styles at the time.

Zhineng Qigong has also very sound scientific and theoretical base. More than 3,000 theses on the research of Qi and Qi-field had been published in China. Prof. Pang is also the founder of the Theory of Unity of Consciousness and the Hunyuan Entirety Theory that were published in 1990 as a serial textbook in nine volumes. An English translation book was published in October 1999.


1st method of Zhineng Qigong

The 1st method consists of two parts: Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down and the Three Centres Merge Standing Form.

Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down (LQU) is a movement sequence that is relatively easy to learn and suitable for any health status. The movements help to send the mind and Qi out to the universe, to mix Qi with the universal Qi and bring it back to nourish the body. This can rapidly build up Qi levels and so improve both the physical and mental/emotional health. Practice of the 1st method feels very good. It strengthens the connection between the external and internal Qi on membranous level. Opens the Qi gates and orifices to promote Qi on that level and strengthens the functions of body and life. It draws Qi quickly and promotes the self-healing mechanisms of the body. The practice of LQU also develops certain potential abilities and sharpens the sensory organs and mechanisms.

3CM, Kaiapoi 2012Practice of the Three Centres Merge Standing Form (3CM), the second part of the method, is particularly good for absorbing the Qi drawn to the body by the practice of LQU. The 3CM works at a deeper level than LQU. It contains fewer movements and for much of the form, the body remains in a fixed posture to assist the absorption and consolidation of Qi within the body.

The 3CM is best practiced regularly regardless of which other forms one is practising. 3CM works well on all 3 elements of the human being: physical body, Qi and Shen (consciousness/mind). It can move the pure Qi of the body and increase the amount of the physical Qi. 3CM strengthens the body and constitution, works very well on the lower back and hips, straightens the spine, correct problems developed by incorrect posture, balances the left and right side of the body. It corrects the focusless state of mind and creates good order.


2nd method of Zhineng Qigong (Body-Mind Form)

Qigong-movingThe essence of the Body-Mind form is to unify the mind and body. It is performed in 10 segments. Each segment focuses on a specific part of the body working from head to toe, even to the extremities. It works on ALL joints, balances the left & right, the front & back sides of the body. Regular practice can stretch the sinews and tendons, strengthen the bones, give the body vigour and grace, smooth and harmonise the flow of Qi, enhance health and develop the power of the mind.

Body-Mind Form is designed to fully activate and develop the function of the Qi channels and so can be of great help when dealing with chronic and stubborn conditions where channels are blocked. The 10 segments of the Body-Mind form are especially good for parts of the body which are rarely used. Prolonged practice, combined with work on other aspects of life such as consciousness, can bring one’s level of health to above what is normally seen as ‘healthy’.


3rd method of Zhineng Qigong

RPOQH - LiverQi transformation and key bodily functions occur within our organs. Each organ has its own physical aspect, Qi, and its own emotional and mental aspect. The health of the organs is not only vital for our physical health but also for emotional and mental well-being. Often health problems originate in the organs due to poor quality and quantities of Qi. The 3rd method works on the pure organ Qi of each of the organs. It also strengthens the connection between all organs so they can work together in harmony. Organ Qi exists at a deeper level than the Qi accessed when practising the 1st and 2nd methods. Thus in addition to the physical movement and mind activity, when practising the 3rd method one should use also sounds, hand postures, shapes of mouth, emotions and visualisation. Sustained practice of the 3rd method enables to achieve good health (by the Qigong standards) and enhances one’s ability to control their emotions using conscious awareness. It is also an essential practice to progress one’s level of Qigong.

The 3rd Zhineng Qigong method consists of two different forms:  Five Qi Hunyuan Form and Return Pure Organ Qi to Hunyuan. 


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