The Magic of Qigong

(Intro Teleseminar - watch the recording of the live event below)

Ancient secrets for health, success and longevity

An introduction to the theory and practice of Qigong

with Kim Knight, Qigong instructor and chronic illness specialist,

and Vlado Rashev, Qigong master teacher & therapist, MSc.

What is so magical about Qigong?

The magic of Qigong lies in its simplicity and ease. Whilst the practices are simple and easy to learn and use, the benefits are profound.

 Qigong addresses all levels of a person's being simultaneously: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

The techniques have endured and evolved for over 6,000 years, passed down from master to student.

How would it be if you could reduce or even eliminate the need to visit your doctor?
What if you had proven, effective tools for managing your total wellbeing?
Would you like to understand the 'laws of life' and 'laws of health'?

What will you learn on this teleseminar?

The purpose of this 2 hour teleseminar is to give listeners:

● A clear understanding of what Qigong is          
● Some history and development of Qigong           
● An understanding of why Qigong is such a powerful

self-healing technique
● Some fundamental principles and keys to preventing illness

and enhancing health
● An overview of some basic Qigong theory               
● PLUS a first-hand experience of the immediate

                 benefits of a simple and easy-to-learn Qigong exercise

Who is this teleseminar for?

Anyone interested in learning:                           

● What Qigong is and how these once-ancient secret practices can benefit life
● How it is possible to look after one's own health and wellbeing 

by followingcertain fundamental principles and 'laws of life'
● Practical ways to reduce stress and mental turmoil
● How to improve mental focus, concentration and creativity
● How to stimulate the self-healing response in the body           
● How to recover from chronic illness or physical ailments naturally    

For information on the following 4 week teleseminar on Qigong, click here.

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