The Magic of Qigong  

Recordings of a four week teleseminar in Zhineng Qigong


How to create a life of good health and happiness

A comprehensive, practical Qigong workshop series
4 lessons, 2 hours each

Listen to the MP3 recordings of the sessions on your computer or mobile device while watching the PowerPoint presentations from the sessions.
Also Mp3 recordings of guided practices, PDF manual with all exercises.

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Kim Knight Vlado Rashev
with Qigong teachers Kim Knight and Vlado Rashev

“There is only one disease in the world: ignorance. If you know and feel how your body works, you can change anything.” Andre Noquet, Aikido Master

Following on from our free ’Magic of Qigong' introductory teleseminar, where we introduce and explain ‘what is Qigong’, ‘what is Qi’ and ‘what are the benefits of Qigong practice’ (and a whole lot more including a simple Qigong exercise which you can start practising immediately), you now have the opportunity to embark on a longer and deeper practical learning experience:

What will you learn from these 4 lessons?

The purpose of this series is to give you:

Overview of 4 week Zhineng Qigong teleseries:


Week 1 (lesson 1) – Self-Healing Qigong

In this seminar we introduce in depth the concept of how you have the power to initiate the self-healing response of the body.

We will teach you:
You will learn:
Qigong theory:
Qigong practice:

 La Qi

 Rubbing Qi

 8 Verses



Week 2 (lesson 2) – Moving Qigong

In this seminar we introduce the theory and practice of moving Qigong.

We will teach you:
You will learn:
Qigong theory:
Qigong practice:


 Push the mountain


Week 3 (lesson 3) – Still and Nourishing Qigong

In this seminar you will learn how to nourish yourself with static Qigong exercises.

We will teach you:
You will learn:
Qigong theory:
Qigong practice:


 Mouth Qigong

 Dantian Breathing


Week 4 (lesson 4) – Lying Qigong

In this seminar you will learn how you can do Qigong lying down!

We will teach you:
You will learn:
Qigong theory:
Qigong practice:


Pour Qi Relaxation exercise

Return Yang lying form

Who is these lessons for?

Anyone interested in learning:

Your teleseminar leaders

Kim Knight – Qigong instructor and chronic illness specialist

Kim Knight

Kim started training in Qigong and meditation in 2000 and owes her recovery from chronic illness to many of the techniques and philosophies learnt from Qigong practice.

Kim has over 20 years experience in natural health, and is professionally trained and accredited in a number of cutting-edge health modalities, of which Qigong is one. She works with people individually and in groups to assist them in their health and personal development education.

Vlado Rashev – Qigong master teacher and therapist, MSc

Vlado Rashev

With twenty years of experience in a variety of health practices, Vlado has acquired a range of skills and good understanding of the principles behind the natural therapy and alternative medicine. Learning from extraordinary people and top level masters he developed knowledge of industry best practice. His scientific background helped him to rationalize the concepts of the ancient cultures and be able to see them also from the perspective of the modern science.

Vlado’s interest in the natural therapies started back in 1990 when he met for the first time people with special healing abilities. In the next ten years Vlado learned and practiced few different types of meditation, yoga and simple qigong and acquired knowledge and experience in different nutritional and fasting programmes. In 2002 Vlado became a Reiki practitioner but the pivotal moment in his life happened during the 3 year training he got from Yuan Tze, one of the top level qigong masters nowadays. That was the time when Vlado became confident that he possesses tools and skills to help people not only to work on and improve certain health conditions but also to change their life as a whole and bring it to a higher level. Vlado founded the Qigong & Self Healing centre in 2007.

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There are 3 packages available:

• Silver = audio recordings (MP3 format) of all 4 seminars (120 min each), PDFs of the slide presentations, links to online video tutorials – cost: NZ$47

• Gold = Silver + 7 audio instructional tracks for practice of the exercises (MP3s) – cost: NZ$97

• Platinum = Gold + full colour PDF Manual* of all theory and practice covered at the teleseries – cost: NZ$125

* the PDF Manual can be purchased separately - cost: NZ$30

The files will be sent to you via Internet (Skype, DropBox etc).

Or you can choose to receive the files by ordinary mail, recorded on a CD-ROM disc you can play on your computer (at extra NZ$20 + the postage).

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Note: The 4 week teleseminar is a continuation to the free intro teleseminar, if you haven't watched it, click here.

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