…more on cultivating consciousness

LotusThe course will cover some major principles for work on the consciousness, which when understood and applied to the present can bring a noticeable shift in the level of wellbeing and harmony in one’s life. You will learn about the importance and the true meaning of the term “using the consciousness in a positive way”. Special attention will be paid to important areas like dealing with negative patterns, habits, emotions, attachments, likes and dislikes, life interests etc. You will find an answer to the question “What is destiny and do we have the power to change it?”.

…more on cultivating physical body and qi, our life force

If life is in a harmonious state, the consciousness/mind should be the Master of life. However, this is not a reality for the majority of people. Mind and consciousness are very often slaves to external circumstances and the condition of the physical body. Although most people have access to information they can use to elevate their lives, many people lack energy. This undermines their capacity for determination, strong will and clear thinking, and can prevent taking steps in the direction that supports life as they'd like. To bring life to a healthier and more balanced state that can support work on the level of consciousness, the course participants will also learn and practice techniques that strengthen the functions of the physical body and promote the flow of qi (life force energy). The good state of the body and the life force is critical for the functions of the consciousness and mind. These Qigong practices can be used to enhance health, clear illness and prolong life. They are also important for strengthening the functions of the mind and its ability to stay calm, focused and undisturbed and ultimately, to become a better master of one’s own life.

More about the system we use:

Course programme outline*:

* Note the programme is subject to change depending on the needs of the group.


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