Yuan Gong and Ren Xue logos  -  meaning

The design of the logos reflects the special relationship Ren Xue (RX) and Yuan Gong (YG) are in. The RX logo is bigger than the YG one since YG is a subset of RX. The blue colour of RX logo represents the Universe, the void; it is a symbol of lightness, ideas, principles. Yellow represents Earth, soil, where we are, the material and practical aspect of life. RX and YG are in an Yin-Yang relationship thus forming a balance.

Yuan Gong logo:  The Chinese characters are drawn in an ancient style – this symbolises the source of YG, the wisdom coming from many generations. English is an international language and it is used to show that YG is to serve everyone. The Taiji symbol in the middle represents the source of everything: from Taiji comes Yin and Yang, and from there – everything in the universe. Taiji represents also the Oneness of everything, it is not conspicuous, cannot be seen easily but it is everywhere, nourishes everything. The way Taiji is drawn: it is open to above, which signifies the direction of development, or following Dao. Also it is not perfect (Yuan Tze drew it by hand in one stroke) but this makes it natural. There is a light radiating from the centre and also the logo is round – it reflects the meaning of the word Yuan (round); the circle represents the universe too, which is “round”, and its oneness, completeness and all encompassing nature (human & nature in harmony). What is the meaning of ‘Yuan Gong’? ‘Yuan’ is also a symbol of all beauty and positivity and ‘Gong’ is the work for achieving beauty and positivity. Put together, ‘Yuan Gong’ is a means that can be used to achieve a wonderful life.

The Motto of Ren Xue - ‘Yuan Tong Ling Ming’
You can see the Chinese characters of these words in the Ren Xue logo. The first word ‘Yuan’ has been explained above. In this context, ‘Yuan’ also has the connotation of ‘taking up responsibility’. The second word ‘Tong’ means ‘flowing through’, ‘unimpeded flow’. In life cultivation, it can be understood as ‘maintaining free flow of one’s own Qi and blood, free flow between one’s own Xing, Qi and Shen, and the open and harmonious relationship with oneself, with family, with other people, with society and with nature. ‘Ling’ is a manifestation when one has made progress in ‘Yuan’ and ‘Tong’. It refers to a clear head and the development of potential abilities. This should also manifest as improved ability to help oneself and help other people. ‘明’ is the Chinese character of the fourth word ‘Ming’. The Chinese character is made of two parts: ‘日’ (sun) and ’月’ (moon). This is a state of Yin and Yang being in balance, and also refers to the bright and clear Shen and the wisdom it demonstrates when it continuously comes to new realizations.

Yuan Tong Ling Ming represents the essential value of Ren Xue. It can be seen as the goal of Ren Xue practice and it can be used as a means itself to achieve this goal.

The information the banners contain is embodiment of the teaching itself. When you need inspiration, calmness – look at them and open! Both logos carry a lot of positive information you can connect to. Having the banners at the place you usually practice and taking a glimpse at them every time you start doing Qigong (or just passing by) is a great way to hook up with Yuan Gong and Ren Xue community Qi-field and information. Although this is a small thing, you may find it can help your motivation and attitude and bring more depth and quality to your practice (and everyday life)!

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