Healing sessions (Qi-therapy, Qigong therapy)

Individual Qi-therapy Sessions (qigong therapy) -- also via Skype --

External-qi-therapyApart from practicing Qigong, healing can also occur through External Qi-Therapy.  A trained Qigong therapist can create a healing Qi-field and by use of it transmit Qi and healing information into the patient’s body to replenish Qi, clear blockages and thus activate the body’s self-healing process.

What should you expect from an individual qi-therapy session?

The first qi-therapy session usually lasts about 1.5 hours (subsequent healing sessions can be shorter in duration).  At the first session you will be asked to fill in an information form and the session will start with a casual chat about the issues you wish to address and the way this can be done using Qi-therapy, Qigong and Ren Xue.  You might be given some Qigong exercises to practice as well as some suggestions on improving your everyday routine so it can facilitate the healing and self-healing process.  You may also get some advice on how to deal with negative emotional states and thinking patterns.

Although the healing part comes last, the process of healing starts the moment you enter the prepared in advance qi-field of the healing space.  Being open, relaxed and natural will allow healing qi and information to enter the body and initiate the healing process even before the actual healing start.

For the healing part you will be asked to stand up, relax the body and mind and close your eyes.  You will be given oral instructions you need to follow with your mind.  You may be asked to perform very simple movements that will be explained to you in advance.  The healing itself may take between 20 and 45 minutes.  The way the healing is done can be tailored according to your condition e.g. if you cannot stand for that long, it can be done while you are sitting etc.

Qi-therapy sessions cause patients to heal faster with less pain. Qi-therapy accelerates recovery from surgery, improves mental attitude and reduces the negative effects of medication and other medical procedures. After the healing session most people report positive sensations such as feeling light, bright, relaxed and happy or even euphoric. Often their symptoms are relieved straight away.

Qi-therapy combined with patient's own qigong practice can help even conditions that modern medicine doesn’t treat.

For the list of Qi-therapy session venues please go to Contact.

The abilities of our consciousness to connect and work with qi are not limited by the space. The distance between the healer/teacher and the client/student/healee is a factor but not necessarily a disadvantage.  Sometimes distant sessions can give even better results. Video (Skype/zoom) or phone connection is preferable so the healer can give his instructions and be in contact during the session.  If phone connection is not possible, the healer can use a recent photo of the client.


Group Healing (group qi-therapy sessions) -- Internet Enabled --

group-qi-therapyQi-therapy can be given to an individual as well as to a group. Because of the stronger and purpose built qi-field, these sessions are not only beneficial for your health and wellbeing but also provide an excellent opportunity to improve your qi-awareness and sensitivity.

Absolute beginners are welcome as well, proper instructions will be given at the beginning of the session.  Feel free to bring along your family members and friends – it is all good.

You can join a group healing session also remotely via Internet.  Most of the sessions are broadcasted live via livestream.com or zoom.  You can connect from home comfortably sitting in front of your computer, watching and listening to Vlado’s instructions, benefitting yourself and contributing to the growing collective Qi-field.  If you wish to participate this way, please let Vlado know in advance and he’ll send you the connection link on the day of the healing. 

If you are connecting remotely, you may want to let Vlado know on which part of your body you want him to focus during the session. 

Read an article about Group Qi-Therapy.

Next Group Healing Session (Internet enabled):

Currently all group sessions (both online and in-person) are conducted in Bulgarian language (read next line for more info on that). To book a session in English please go to Contacts).

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'Hello Vlado, the healing session was a very positive experience. I can't describe the sensation better than to say that I felt very good, at peace, receptive. I went to sleep right afterwards and was excited to see the next morning that the knee I had twisted a couple of days earlier felt almost healed. No more limping. I can sense that it sustained a challenge, but it no longer affects my walking at all and I mostly just forget about it. My lower back generally restricts my walking because of a spinal stenosis condition but it has felt open and free since the healing -- no tightness or restriction. I'm thrilled with the openness I feel in my body and am enjoying ease of movement.

I want to share the change in INNER experience too. From my reading, an open and positive attitude enhances healing, and I found that the healing itself helped me achieve that shift to a positive attitude.

Thank you very much. I have just barely started practicing Qigong (2 1/2 weeks ago) but it has already brought ease into my life.

Lia Olson'


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