Ten Features of Yuan Tze Ren Xue – brief introduction

  1. The establishment and development of Yuan Tze Ren Xue has a clear goal and direction. It also has a mission and guiding principles which are to be strictly adhered to under all circumstances. They are in place to direct and ensure that Yuan Tze Ren Xue will follow a healthy and bright path for its steady development in the long term.

  2. It has a profound and sound theoretical base with holism as its core. The holism theories can be gradually established by:

    • following the principle of ‘exploring and using the objective laws’,

    • following the methodology of ‘applying theories’,

    • examining the effects, then

    • adjusting and enriching the theories.

These theories are unique and they form interdependent, complementary, cause-effect relationships with one another and constitute an organic whole, encompassing theories and ideas such as ‘universal holism’, ‘human and universe holism’, ‘holism of an objective reality’, and ‘micro holism’.

  1. It has a series of safe and effective methods for practice. The principal methods are Zhineng Qigong methods with supplementary methods based on traditional Qigong techniques. By using different methods with different intensities and different focuses such as Jing, Qi and Shen, the practice is mainly to work on Qi and to make Qi more abundant and flow better in specific parts of the body or the whole body. This way of practice aims to improve health, clear health problems, prolong life and improve the power of the mind.

Incorporating Qigong practice in everyday life is equally emphasized. Methods and theories are applied to unify every activity of life with Qigong. They are applied in depth, at any place and any time in order to maintain a Qigong state in everyday life.

  1. ‘Qi’ is used as a measure for assessing one's activities on the consciousness level and on the behavioural level in order to know whether the activities are beneficial or detrimental, right or wrong, positive or negative. ‘Qi’, as a complex element and profound concept is explained in a way that is easy to understand. The role of Qi in life and in health, how Qi can be affected by habits, behavioural patterns or every behaviour, and the relationship between Qi and emotions are all illustrated. The role of the patterns of the consciousness and the effect on Qi, including how a thought can affect Qi, is even more stressed.

Not only is Qi used as a measure, it is also an important element to work on and bring change to. All this is to achieve the purpose of initially reducing the loss of Qi and disturbance to Qi, then gradually developing an excellent, stable and strong Qi condition which is an important component of the foundation for health and further development of life.

  1. Following the law of life, Yuan Tze Ren Xue adopts the approach of ‘healing a person’s life as primary and healing the illness as complementary’ in helping people deal with their problems. Problems will be treated according to the law of the problem in order for the causes on different levels to be seen clearly. This way they can be dealt with on the root or fundamental level and the work can be effective. Following the same approach, life can continue to develop beyond the clearing of the problems. Let’s use the following example to illustrate this approach.

In reality we can use the comparison of how humans should be when they follow the law of life, to see that almost every person has lost a lot of precious things in life and at the same time has developed problems of all sorts. When we are plagued by problems, we usually try our best to deal with them. However, a very common reality is that no matter how many things we try, how much time we spend or how much effort we make, the results are not that satisfactory. It is not saying that what we have done is totally useless or valueless. But it doesn’t bring about change on the fundamental level of life.

The problems that we have and desperately want to deal with can manifest in many different forms and can be very complicated. Let’s focus on one that is relatively simple and yet relevant to almost every person – health. The current reality of health is that despite the development of human civilization and the effort people have made, most people do not have good health, nor are they able to clear their health problems effectively. In other words, health problems are still very common in human life. Is this not a phenomenon that makes you wonder? Of course, every person has different criteria for judging their health condition. The meaning of health in our discussion follows a new set of criteria, which are also the criteria for health adopted in Yuan Tze Ren Xue. These criteria are based on the law of life.

We can all attempt these questions: if we intend to deal with health problems on the fundamental level, what approach should be taken, what levels should be worked on and how?

These are questions that require a lot of work and explanations to be answered properly. Let’s just use Yuan Tze Ren Xue to briefly highlight the main components involved and make connections between them.

To maintain health or deal with health problems properly, Qi has to be dealt with properly (including Qi condition as a whole and Qi on different levels).

To deal with Qi problems effectively, life has to be worked on because every activity of life will impact on Qi. Identifying activities that can have a negative impact on Qi and dealing with them effectively are essential for dealing with Qi problems. Such activities can be seen as problems in life.

To deal with problems in life effectively, it is necessary to deal with the consciousness properly as it is the main determinant or source of everything we do.

To deal with the problems on the consciousness level properly, the key is to look at the patterns on this level.

In Yuan Tze Ren Xue the patterns of the consciousness are closely connected with a person’s ‘destiny’, or ‘the individual’s law of life’. Hence working on destiny is an important part of dealing with the patterns of the consciousness.

To work on destiny, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the law of life and identify all the problems and deal with them accordingly in order to elevate life.

From the above, we can see something both complex and simple: the problems we often see are not the real problems. What we see are often just the superficial manifestations of the real problems. The causes behind them can be numerous and can are deeply intertwined. In the list above, the levels further down get closer to the root causes of problems and so are more important for working out problems at a fundamental level.

This above example is to illustrate the different levels involved when we try to deal with health problems. It is put in a linear way and that is just because of the limitation of using a language to describe it. It is far from the true reality which is a total (holistic) existence. A ball would be closer to this true reality and reflect the fundamental law of health better. All these different levels of life are integral parts of life. They depend on one another, work with one another, control one another, and generate one another. The key is to understand the whole and follow its law in order to bring about positive transformation and development.

  1. Yuan Tze Ren Xue emphasizes the importance of being the master of one’s own destiny and the work on changing one’s destiny according to the law of life. Here is the brief explanation.

Everything in the universe and nature has its law of development and change;

As a part of the universe and nature, human life has its law of development and change;

As a member of the human race, each individual human being also has his/ her own law of development and change. Every person follows his/ her individual law which is to a substantial degree pre-determined throughout the course of life.

‘Destiny’ can be likened to a pre-written ‘programme’. Life seems to be the execution of this ‘programme’ with no choice. However, the main ‘programmer’ is actually each individual. Over many life times before the present one, this programme has been written continuously. The programme for this life was the continuation of the programming from the previous life with some ‘sorting’ work done.

‘Destiny’ can be understood. It is actually one’s individual law of life.

‘Destiny’ can be changed. However, it cannot be changed by using the ‘usual things’ we do. It has to be done by following the law of life and working on the fundamental levels of life. We truly need to work on the key area of life cultivation, if we want to make any meaningful change to life.

Through learning and gaining understanding of ‘destiny’ and the law of life, one can work to change his/ her ‘destiny’. This is the beginning of having control of one’s ‘destiny’.

Changing ‘destiny’ is done by working on the present, by being the master of one’s own life in every present moment. This is the way to change the future and to have the future in one’s own hands. The future doesn’t end at the end of this life. If one works to change his/ her ‘destiny’, he will more and more become the master of his/ her own life.

  1. Identifying and changing/ clearing habits and patterns that can affect health and the development of our lives is essential in Ren Xue practice. This has to be done with utmost effort by following the standards and principles set in Ren Xue. These patterns include the ones on the behavioural as well as the consciousness level. Work in this area is on-going and requires consistent effort. The aim of this work is to ensure that all the patterns we follow are beneficial for our health and life development. This leads to not only better health, but also more happiness, freedom, wisdom, and ultimately, being a better master of one’s own life.

  2. All this work is done ‘in the present’. ‘In the present’ refers to every minute, every second, every moment and every present time-space frame. In Ren Xue, being ‘in the present’ refers to using every present moment to cultivate life. It is done by being constantly aware of one’s state of body, Qi, and mind and any external changes, including people and situations and the interaction between them. With this constant awareness, when anything that can have a negative impact on life arises, it can be detected, adjusted and changed immediately. Through constant adjustment and change, life can gradually become elevated. When life is in this process of continuous change, it is moving forward in a ‘virtuous cycle’. Life is constantly developing. Life also becomes a process of benefiting other people, society and nature.

  3. Harmony will always be a goal Yuan Tze Ren Xue will endeavour to realize.

Harmony is one of the core values and qualities to be realized in the life-cultivation culture and is an important part of the traditional Chinese culture which has developed throughout Chinese civilization for thousands of years. Yuan Tze Ren Xue fully embraces this traditional value and the essential teachings related to it. Not only that, it has also approached this value from the perspective of the law of life and of the development of human civilization, incorporating the achievement of modern science and culture. This approach has brought the meaning and realization of harmony to a new level and helped form a systematic and comprehensive approach to ‘harmony’ in Yuan Tze Ren Xue, encompassing human beings, society and nature and their relationships with each other. Yuan Tze Ren Xue will actively promote this value to the world in the hope of realizing the ultimate goal of a harmonious world as soon as possible.

Harmony in Chinese consists of two characters: ‘ 和 ’ (he) and ‘ 谐 ’ (xie). ‘He’ means ‘integration’, ‘no fighting’, ‘no struggling’, ‘no killing’, ‘peace’, ‘not extreme’. ‘Xie’ means ‘balance’, ‘coordination’, ‘unison’. ‘He xie’ (harmony) refers to ‘unification’, ‘oneness’ and signifies health and normality. There can be opposite forces in everything. They will be uplifted and unified on a higher level to achieve harmony. The manifestation of harmony is a calm, peaceful, natural, balanced and uplifting state.

In Yuan Tze Ren Xue, the realization of harmony should manifest on three levels:

  1. Harmony within an individual life: It manifests as the high level of unification of Jing, Qi and Shen and hence life is in a harmonious state.

  2. Harmony between individual human beings and between humans and society: It manifests as peace, equality, justice, freedom, care and love, helping each other, respect and giving.

  3. Harmony between humans and nature: it manifests as a good understanding of the law of life, the law of the development of human society, and the law of nature and its development. This understanding is the foundation of an equal, mutually sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between humans and nature. Achieving harmony between humans and nature is a huge area to learn about and explore. In traditional Chinese culture, the knowledge and practice of Fengshui has been used to realize harmony on this level. Yuan Tze Ren Xue has taken the essence of Fengshui and lifted its knowledge and practice to the level of Qi and information which are the fundamental elements of Fengshui. Understanding the relationship between humans and their environment from this perspective can help humans create a harmonious relationship with nature and follow the law in this area.

All this is to realize a high level of harmony within human society and between humanity and nature. This is to support a sustainable approach for human development which is a core value of Yuan Tze Ren Xue.

  1. ‘Help yourself as if you are helping other people; help other people as if you are helping yourself’ is an important way to realize and fulfil the true purpose of life. It is also an important vehicle for re-establishing the view of world, the view of life and the value system for Yuan Tze Ren Xue practitioners. This is why making the Yuan Tze Ren Xue operation non-profitable and charitable is the only way to go.


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