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There are so many theories and methods in Feng Shui. Even if we spent the whole of life learning about them, we still wouldn’t be able to master them all. In essence, in looking at the Feng Shui of a place, we are looking at the degree of ‘prosperity’ or ‘auspiciousness’ of that place. On the physical level, the physical environment and the direction a building faces are the most important aspects to look at. A higher level of practice up from that is to look at the degree of ‘prosperity’ or ‘auspiciousness’ of the Qi of a place. It is generally believed that a certain level of gongfu is required for this level of practice.

Vlado has learned the principles of Feng Shui from Yuan Tze, a teacher who has reached high level of self realisation and understanding of the universal laws. In Yuan Tze’s teacher training system, Feng Shui is taught at the 8th level, after seven levels of in depth study and practice of Qigong, Qi-therapy and work on consciousness level. The purpose of the whole training is not only to develop high level of understanding of the laws of Qi, human life and the relation between humans and nature but also to develop certain abilities to perceive Qi and be aware of its short and long term effect on human beings. Say there is a newly built house, but the Qi inside and around the house looks grey and dull. You will know that this is not a house with a high degree of ‘prosperity’ or ‘auspiciousness’. In other words, it is not a great place Feng Shui-wise. By the same token, if an old house has very clear and bright Qi, this is a good house. A house with spine-chilling Qi is not good, even if it is in the city centre or in a busy street.

What we can be sure of is that the Qi of a house is a true reflection of the state of the house. The Qi of the house is the total manifestation of everything relating to the house, including the environment and the state of life of every person living there. To improve the Feng Shui of a place, changes on the physical level can help to some extent.  However, what is more important is change in the people living there on the consciousness level.  Working on both levels is the most effective way.

Is not making any change an option? Yes. But the people in the house will bear the consequences.


Feng Shui Consultations

Does our living/working environment support our life functions and promote the development of life as a whole? And if not, how can we change this?

Often the effect of the environment on our life is very subtle and it may take years until we notice it. Sometimes, when the factors are stronger, it can manifest itself within weeks or months. The purpose of the on-site inspection and consultations is to bring the existing problems of the spaces to the client’s awareness and give suggestions for remedies and improvements. Feng Shui inspections are must do BEFORE you make the final decision to purchase your new home.

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Feng Shui Blessing Ceremonies

In addition to Feng Shui inspections, energy cleansing and creation of a healthy qi-field in your home or office can further facilitate the positive changes in the lives of people who live or work there. This can be done in two different ways:

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Feng Shui Objects

Crystal Salt Lamps charged with Qi and Special Information

These salt lamps are large natural 'crystal rocks' made from 250,000,000 year old salt dug from salt mine deposits in the Himalayan region. The light from the electric bulb inside makes the lamp to give an amazing glow that can create a beautiful light effect and ambience in the surrounding living or working environment. The gentle heat from the bulb warms up the crystal causing it to emit a natural ions that can cleanse the atmosphere of many harmful energies like computer and TV electromagnetic radiation, pollens, odours, dust mites etc.

The qualities of the salt lamps make them perfect Feng Shui objects that can have an active influence on the immediate environment.  The lamps sold here are additionally charged with Qi and special information that can improve the overall quality of the qi-field in the space and thus have a very positive effect on its Fung Shui as well.

Crystal Salt Lamps (4-6kg) - $50  

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