General Health Consultations

These session would be of help to:

What should you expect from a General Health Consultation session?

The first consultation may take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes - it all depends on how much you want to learn and try.  The session will start with a casual chat about the issues you wish to address and the way this can be done using Qi-therapy, Qigong and Work on the level of Consciousness. You will become familiar with the main principles involved and you may use the opportunity to give it a try and learn a simple Qigong practice or experience the healing effect of qi on your body and mind. You may also ask for advice on how to deal with difficult life situations, negative emotional states and thinking patterns.

The system we use is based on a deep holistic understanding of the human life and is capable of bringing one’s level of health to above what is normally seen as ‘healthy’.

Vlado is quite happy to discuss with you and offer help also for conditions that modern medicine doesn’t treat.

The general health consultations can be done also via Internet or phone.




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