Qigong Consultations

These sessions can be of use for both absolute beginners and advanced practitioners.

If you are a beginner you might want to know what Qigong is, why people say it is such a powerful practice, what its potential is, how it can be of use to you, how you can use it to work on a specific health issue, what the main principles of Qigong are, what its spiritual background is, how we can use Qigong to develop our consciousness etc, etc.  You may also wish to be guided into a simple Qigong meditation where you can become aware of your own qi (life force energy) as well as be able to connect and gather some qi from outside, the qi of the universe.  Or you may wish to try some of the more physically requiring practices that one can use to unblock and refine one's own qi.

If you have been practising Qigong for a while an individual consultation may serve to even more purposes.  Here are some of them:




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