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Services and Fees

(all prices are in NZ$)

Healing sessions, Private tuition/Consultations, Feng Shui services

Individual Healing therapy in person or via Skype or phone (read); Qigong lessons/consultation (read); Harmonize Life and Change Your Destiny consultations (read); Mentoring teacher trainees (read); Weight loss consultations (read); On-site Feng Shui inspections and consultations (read); Feng Shui blessing ceremonies (read); Energy cleansing and building of harmonious qi-field (read); Supporting the Qi-field of important events like surgical procedures, job interviews, important meetings and presentations, weddings, funerals etc

NZ$60/hour*, **, ***   at client's premises**** or at Qigong & Self Healing Centre or via Skype/Zoom

* negotiable if you are a holder of New Zealand Community Services Card (or eligible for such) or if you live in a country with average wage lower than NZ

** discounts possible for: 3 hour or longer bookings for the same day; multiple bookings paid in advance; groups of 2 or more persons - please ask for a quote

*** the above fees applies to all sessions held between 9am and 6pm (Bulgarian time), weekends including. Sessions outside these hours are charged at NZ$90 per hour

**** $1/km (travel charges for sessions at client's premises, $10 minimum travel charge)

Please note the first healing session is 90min

Cancellation fees:  Bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior with no penalty. If the notice to cancel is received less than 24 hours prior, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 50% of the session cost.

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NZ$30/15min - distance Qi-therapy without audio or video connection (NZ$100 for 4 sessions paid in advance)

* the above fee applies to all sessions held between 9am and 6pm (Bulgarian time), weekends including. Sessions outside these hours are charged at NZ$40/15min

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Classes for Qigong group practice / Ren Xue discussions (classes details)

Single class fees:

●  NZ$15 - regular fee for casual visits (see concession cards below for up to 55% discount)

●  NZ$ 5 - discounted fee for students on low income who cannot afford the full price

Concession cards:

●  NZ$20 - Sunday "combo" (two classes on the same day)

●  NZ$60 advanced payment - 5 classes within 6 weeks

●  NZ$90 advanced payment - 10 classes within 10 weeks

●  NZ$135 advanced payment - unlimited number of regular classes within 10 weeks (does not apply to other events like group healings or courses with a fixed duration)

Your concession card expiry date will be extended if the classes you attend are cancelled. You get extension also if you are away on annual leave or business trip. You don't get extension/refund for being sick or unable to attend because of other commitments.

Qigong courses (scheduled courses and fees)

Group Qigong therapy (more info)

NZ$20 (suggested fee) or

koha (what you are able to give) / donation

No fee for the teachers who have completed all 8 levels of Yuan Tze's teacher training programme (2003-2006). Please note this applies only when attending on-line or in person, usual fees apply for the recordings of the sessions.

DVDs, CDs, Books and Health products for sale (more details)

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