"Hi Vlado,

Two nights ago out of the ordinary for me I woke at 1am with feelings of anxiety or panic I was unable to uncover so I got up and made myself a nice cup of tea and proceeded to revisit Vlado's Full Moon practice [Susan refers to the video recordings of January Full Moon Retreat] throughout the night. I went back to bed around 5.30am feeling so lovely and calm and was able to find the reason for my disturbance in the first place. Thank you Vlado for the beautiful healing practice.

I would also like to mention here that the session on healing where you used burning of the contracts (I like to call it), on certain health issues.

I found this to be extremely helpful and such a great way to bring about healing at a deep level visualizing all of the unhealthy conditions or even unhealthy emotions that have been held onto and seeing them go up in the flames and then blown away by the winds, so thank you for that.

This is similar to one that I help people with also, so lovely to be the recipient of yet another great healing session.

I was also very moved by what you mentioned about balance at the end of session 3 while in a beautiful deep state.

You mentioned that too little may have no effect and too much can damage the body so to find balance in Qigong we take an active role to improve life and to discover our own 2 boundaries if I am correct, to find that balance.

I had a great Aha moment here as I seen how that had played out in my life across every area not knowing how to establish these boundaries.
Not just in Qigong practice - Wanting always to go hard out and push myself because no pain was no gain. I seen this pattern in the way I have used money in the past and the way I have had cycles of Boom and Bust with everything. Food, Body, Exercise, Self Criticism all included.

All or Nothing strongly at play.

Through your guidance I was able to stay in this nice deep state and let your words travel to where they wanted to go and could clearly see that I was afraid of having 'More' in my life.

I had so many anxieties around that so went hard then got rid of everything very quickly.

My Qi included, as I have intermittently practiced for long hours and felt such a lovely stable joyful state only to then find myself sabotaging by struggling to practice just the minimum amount per day.

I was able to use this practice to honour all of those old fears and stuck emotions and tell myself it is now safe for me to find my own healthy boundaries. I know what I am doing and it's okay.

I had seen the changes I had been able to make through the years but this last little part was often illusive to me.

It really was beautiful.

Being in Celebration felt easy after this :)

All in all my night practice was a blessing I believe my highest wisdom inside of me called for.

Thank you so much Vlado.
With Wu Xin, Susan"



"I enjoy your way of presenting the information so that it makes learning absolutely easy. You transmit serenity and peacefulness and it is a constant invitation to revisit your lessons."
Oriel Villagarcia,
Buenos Aires, Argentina



"Dear Vlado,

I would like to let you know that I have had a very positive response to it [the practice of Eating Qi technique]. I have been doing the eating qi practice most days ( maybe 5x.week ) since learning it . Usually I do it first thing in the mornings before wall squats. I generally eat 4 to 7 portions.

I did not notice any changes initially (although it gave a pleasant feeling). However since the end of May, I have noticed an increase in energy during the day and therefore an elevation of mood. I have been chronically fatigued the last 7 to 8 or more years. Family circumstances have been very stressful with a acutely and then chronically ill partner over the last 5 plus years.

Since noticing the change I have made an effort to do it daily. I am so relieved I learned this technique from you. Finally something is helping on a daily practical level. I can only attribute the change to this practice as I have been doing qigong practice almost daily over the past 5 to 6 years too. I have had helpful results from the regular practice but eating qi has been the extra qi boost that I needed.

Thank you, Vlado.

Rosie Mok"



"Dear Vlado,

I have first heard about ZhiNeng Qi Gong in my home country México, through a friend of mine who was invited to attend a lesson of this practice, I tried to have information to see the possibility to know about. I did not get any information. I look in the WEB and found a site in New Zealand. I send e-mail requesting information. After a week or so I got an e-mail from Vlado. He explained me a lot about the principles of this Practice and he gently sent me a video clip of one of his sessions, at that very moment I get very much interested in learning and practice the Zhineng Qi Gong. I want to learn how to heal myself and others.

I began with Vlado sessions via Internet, I have been invited and attended the first session. I enjoyed and I keep on working with my Squats, Bow Body, Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down. I have followed all his instructions.

After a few days of studying I began to feel my self quiet, more calm.

I began to feel something during the sessions a special feeling of well being, a lot of energy.

I wanted to share this with my relatives. I have asked Vlado to help me and he always helped and guided me in the way how to help my brother who became ill and received the guide, same guide given to my brother and I can tell you that he can not do the Squats very well nor the Bow Body but he is trying and he is feeling better.

Now I can tell you that I can control situations. I feel better with my liver, bones and eyes. Thanks to the Zhineng Qi Gong.

I think that I have learned a lot, but I know I am a beginner and there is a lot to learn and a lot of hours of practice.

Thanks Vlado for your teachings and for your help and guide.

Claudia Viñuela"



"Dear Vlado,

I would like to thank you so much for your work with me to date. It has been amazingly helpful to have someone to work with directly as I have been too sick to attend classes. Video Skype actually works surprisingly well!

Here are some of my thoughts, not necessarily in logical order:

I am a veteran of many alternative and eastern healing methods, including several other types of Qigong. I avail myself of the best care I can find in Western medicine at the same time. Nothing has come close to Zhineng Qigong in terms of causing steady improvement. The bottom line is that it works. And Qi is real. I have a background in western medicine and science, so this is a significant thing for me to say. I feel like this is the best investment I have ever made with my health. I am hoping to continue to improve as I turn around the Qi depletion, and learn to add Qi and start balancing and moving stuck Qi in my body.

Your understanding of the severe Qi depletion I have from years of chronic illness and pain helped me ease into Qigong practice. Had I started doing the four basic exercises like a reasonably healthy person, I would not have tolerated it. Working with you, and another teacher, we were able to figure out what I could do, and build on that. Your feedback on my form, what to focus on and dealing with pain flare –ups from practice has been sound, useful advice. This has kept me from overdoing it, which tends to be my style. You listen carefully to my feedback, and I have great confidence in our work together.

Despite starting slowly, but steadily, I experienced qi reactions and remained very ill without much progress for the first few months. Your explanations about how the practice worked, and how the body responded helped to keep me motivated and working at it, despite feelings of discouragement, and occasional despair. This has paid off, as I started having significant results affecting my quality of life about 7 weeks into practice. I continue to improve, with fits and starts. I have many systems affected by a longstanding autoimmune illness. I understand that it will probably take years of practice for me to approach normal function, but this is a much better outcome that living like I have for the past 15 years.

In addition to having strong sensations of Qi transmission and movement during all of our healing sessions, I had several immediate reactions. After our very first session, I had an unexpected, but very positive emotional change, that continues to improve over time. During our third or fourth session, I had a sudden decrease (about 90 %) in my gastrointestinal symptoms of pain, cramping, nausea, etc. that had been quite predominant for three months.

I have been reading the three books to learn about Ren Xue. It is clear that this is a package deal, and that you can’t separate the physical, emotional and spiritual. I have done much work in meditation and therapy to deal with painful emotions/ life situations over the years, with some success. However, there have been several big emotional shifts that seem to be supported by Qi, especially following healing sessions.

I thank you for being willing to deal with my questions and scepticism at times. While I think I usually have an open mind, I have to see something working to buy into it. I still struggle with some issues, philosophical questions, etc. Being able to feel Qi and Qi disruption that occurs with negative thoughts and emotions has been very helpful in letting these things go. There seems to be a physical and Qi aspect of this that I did not understand before. Doing the healing sessions with you has helped me to move some of this negativity out of my body. Still a big work in progress!

I struggled early on in my practice with the fear that I would try yet one more thing and once again have my hopes dashed. This has happened many, many times before. It is particularly disheartening when you really give your all to a new method, treatment, system, etc. and then end up throwing in the towel because it just does not seem to work, or seem to work for me. But this is working, slowly and steadily. While I am still quite ill and have significant pain issues, I think I have made more progress than we would have imagined given the severity of my condition. I attribute this to: Great teachers, dedicated daily practice, willingness to be open to the possibility that this practice could work for me.

I am hopeful that continued practice will allow me to start having a reasonable quality of life. I am grateful to you for your high developed skills, healing abilities, kindness, and dedication. It is clear that your experience with your own path is a wonderful resource that you draw on to provide authentic teaching. I have great confidence and trust in you. I feel incredibly fortunate to be working with you.


Sarah S




MY EXPERIENCE WITH TIAN YUAN [the first method of Yuan Gong]

It would seem that after searching for years and years for something to nourish my body and soul I have finally found what I was looking for. I will not bore you with the details of my quest, which started way back in 1991 when I was "attuned" to the first level of Reiki. Suffice to say that my journey proceeded with NLP, Huna, Shiatsu, reflexology, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Thai Massage, Breema, so on and so forth. In 1998 I learned the first stage of Zhineng QiGong from Luke Chan, who introduced it in the USA under the name of ChiLel QiGong for copyright reasons, I suppose.

It has now been nearly two weeks doing Tian Yuan and I have loved the practice more than any other QiGong practice I ever experienced.

My experience with the first method of Yuan Gong has been different from ANY OTHER APPROCHES TO ENERGY WORK AND QIGONG STYLES THAT I BECAME ACQUAINTED BEFORE.. I find Tian Yuan much more pleasurable to do. I find it is a magic invitation to transcend everyday experience. I am hoping that the "novelty effect" far from disappearing in the future will increase and will become part of my everyday life, as eating, sleeping, etc., etc. The idea of "soaring like a bird" has a charm of its own.

I find your way of teaching superb, absolutely clear and well paced. I have also found doing the exercises themselves a source of pleasure, even if at first I had to make an effort to "get the hang" of the movements.

This morning, when doing the guided practice at the very end I experienced a wonderful feeling of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, something I had never experienced before in any other practice.

Have a wonderful day!
Oriel Villagarcia,
Buenos Aires, Argentina



"On the squat front: did 25 yesterday (slowly with extra breaths in between). When I went to bed I could feel the energy moving in my lower dantian and mingmen; with every outbreath qi moved halfway up my spine. And my head was strangely empty which was truly pleasant to experience. It lasted maybe a couple of minutes because I fell asleep very fast. Wondering where this will lead me!

Looking forward to the next discussion!




"Dear Vlado,

The Group Healing was very powerful for me last night. Here are some details about what I experienced:

Qi field: I experienced the qi field as very strong, thick, dense. At times it was so thick that it was almost like very smooth porridge! It felt amazing. During the session, I also noticed it changing, felt qualities of coolness, warmth, waves and streams of clarity, etc. It was very refreshing and also deeply relaxing. Towards the end of the session I felt so relaxed that I felt like a cooked noodle. I went straight to bed, which is very unusual for me at home. Usually I want to stay up and check email, read, or surf the web a bit. I did none of that; had no desire to do anything but stay with the sensations, and sink into a deep dark sleep.

One thought I had when you were adding qualities into the qi field, and we were stirring with our hands: I was wanting you to include the quality of an open caring heart. You didn't mention that then but that thought was present in my mind. Later when you guided us to send qi to the heart/chest area, you mentioned something about caring, and I felt a wave of open-heartedness flood my entire chest/heart area quite powerfully. I wondered whether others felt that as well. I felt very open to the entire world.

Qi in my body: I could feel strong qi sensations throughout the session, but extremely strong when you were sending me qi individually. It was like experiencing a shower of elixir being poured through my body -- I felt it very strongly in my knee, but then both legs actually, and then my head.

During and after I could feel much more qi sensation in lower dantian than I had previously, though I've felt qi sensation there for a long time; but what's super cool is that for the first time this morning during practice I felt qi in my mingmen and around my whole waist area. It’s subtle in the waist and mingmen areas, but I can feel it, and it will grow.

Today, the morning after, I can feel shifts happening in my right knee. The qi is working on it still. [4 days later it felt remarkably different and better.]

My shen feels clear and bright. I slept well (with vivid dreams). I got up, and felt like I was on retreat again. I actually wanted to practice first thing very early this morning, which is the first time in ages. I think it's because I had so much qi in me...

Thank you so much. I can honestly say that your qi healings work remarkably powerfully on Skype, and your healing work is very effective.




PS I'd love to do a Skype Group Healing with you every month. "




"Thank you for the healing

I felt both verbally + energetically a depth + global quality to the healing (you were modelling what you were saying with your years of practice)

A global effect that will keep working on me on levels I don't even know yet with energy + information you seemed to put in the Qifield

Very deep

Lorrie Berg

San Francisco"



"Hello Vlado

I came to you for treatment after several years of insomnia, constant migraines, body aches, frequent accidents, etc - symptoms of stress- which I thought were simply a way of life. To alleviate the symptoms I tried conventional medication which often made me feel worse after a few days. I guess I tried qigong therapy out of desperation but was pleasantly surprised with the results. After the two initial sessions with you I started sleeping 6 hours, rather than the 4-5 hours of broken sleep I have had for years. Although I still wake up during the night I feel calm and manage to go back to sleep without the usual anxieties that a 3 am awakening usually brings.

A week after my sessions with you, I had a back massage with someone who knew my history. She knew how painful her massages could be because of all the knots in my tight back muscles. However in my last session with her she told me to continue doing whatever I was doing because all the knots in my back were gone.




"Hi Vlado

I would like to send our special thanks to you for the Qigong treatment and instructions Mike and I had from you. Mike had a sore back for not more than 2 days after we visited you (only 5 days before the long-planned Heaphy Track tramping), and my left knee, that I twisted badly a month and a half before that, felt very well before the start. I really didn’t believe it could get better fast, because I had come to a stage when I couldn’t go downstairs and even though I have had a few sessions at the Physio it was still quite aching. But your treatment had a miraculous effect.

So we started out 82-km 4-day tramping (Heaphy Track) both in very good condition thanks to your treatment. At the start I had 13.5 kg in my backpack, Mike had 14.5 kg. The walk was like this:

Day one : 6 hour walk uphill

Day 2 and 3 : 7 hours each day downhill

Day 4 : 5 hours downhill

The tracks were not very steep, but the load we carried and the long walk on day 2 and 3 were quite a challenge for our feet, knees and hip joints. Only once Mike felt uncomfortable about his back but when we arrived in Punakaiki at the end of day 4 I made Qigong to him and next day he was fine.

Now, six days after the glorious walk, we have no pains and complains, only minor discomfort for Mike in one of his knees, but we are in the 50-55 years age range after all and haven’t done major walks for 30 years!

If we hadn’t had our Qigong fine-tuning with you, I’m not sure if we would have managed the walk and even if we would have started it at all.

Thank you very much!!!

Aneta Valcheva"



"Hi Vlado,

I just wanted to let you know how much I really enjoyed the process of learning Xia Yuan [the fourth method of Yuan Gong] in a lot more depth and detail.

I really appreciate how well you explained this method and how it took my understanding especially around the mind activity to a different level.

Coming from a personal training background and exercise kinesiology I have always pushed my body hard so relearning to go gentle is really a process for me.

A loving adventure I like to call it now that is exciting at the same time a lot more calmer.

Thank you for being my teacher. I love how you explain all of the details. This really helps me in where I am right now.

I feel very grateful to now be saying Yes to myself :)




"In a Corporate Sales role working in the IT industry, there are always demands placed on me both for performance and my time.

Practising Qi Gong I have a wonderful opportunity to reverse all of that.

Through a Qi Gong session I am able to completely switch off and relax both mentally and physically to a level I didn't believe was even possible.

It allows me to simply "slow down" and recover.

I recommend it to anyone looking for these and the many more benefits it has to offer.




"Dear Vlado,

I was suffering from old man’s problems: night-time I was urinating every couple of hours because of my enlarged prostate, I was losing my balance, sometimes my sight was becoming unclear (seeing spots in front of me). Three years ago I started to practice in a very consistent way the Qigong exercises you taught me . I am doing the four basic exercises plus those extra two for the prostate. I don’t take any medications.

Much to my doctor’s surprise, the size of my prostate reduced from 44/55 to 30/38 mm. Night-time I get up once only. I feel energetic and alert and drive my car without any problems. I am 74 year old but I feel as in my 60’s.

Many thanks,

Tsolo Valkov"



"Dear Vlado

Very happy to share some of my experiences.

I very much liked the healing, given by you and other teachers last weekend.

Had not been feeling so well and was actually glad I could sit down after our practice.

During the healing I was aware of a wonderful gentle energy around and in me.

I felt much easier in my chest and had a sense of opening up.

Afterwards I experienced a feeling of peace and centeredness.

I felt much better in myself [physically] as well.

Today 8 days later, I still feel really well.

Kind regards

Hetty Rodenburg"



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