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Qigong & Self Healing Centre

Vlado Rashev, Qigong master teacher and therapist, MSc

phone: 0877 239 231 (from within Bulgaria)  or  +359 877 239 231 (from abroad)

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Working days and reception hours

Individual sessions are by appointment only.  You can set an appointment for the weekend and most of the week days.

The regular work hours are between 9am and 6pm (BG time). Appointments outside these hours are charged at higher rate (see fees).

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Venues for individual sessions

Qigong, Self Healing & Life Cultivation Centre location:

Mladost 2, bl.236, ent.4, apt.11



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Sofia area: private sessions at client's premises

Worldwide: online via Skype, Zoom

Postal address  

Vladimir Rashev

Mladost 2, bl.236, ent.4, apt.11

Sofia 1799



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