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Technical requirements:

You can check the technical requirements for your PC or Mac on the link below. It is advisable to read the whole page since it will give you an idea how to use the Livestream Player and adjust the volume and screen setting: Technical requirements

Connection procedure:


For the time being the fees for attending classes, courses or group healing via Internet are the same as if you attend in person. Click here for the general fees.

Bad connection problems policy:

The policy depends on the type of the session, please read below the section that is relevant to the event you will be attending.

You can also send Vlado a Chat message and let him know about the problems you experience - he may be able to give you an advice. Please note Vlado may not be able to monitor the messages at all times. He’ll be checking the messages only when there is time for Q&As.

All sessions broadcasted via Livestream are recorded.  If you were not able to participate online because of the bad Internet connection, let Vlado know and he'll send you the recording of the session.

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