Work from Distance

By means of the modern technology individual lessons, consultation or healing sessions become possible without the need of leaving home even if you live thousands of miles away from your teacher. 

Qigong via Internet

You can learn and practice Qigong via Internet.  To learn you can get either private tuition via Skype or enrol to a online courses with 2-way video and audio connection.

Practising Qigong is also possible from distance - just check which of the classes for practice are Internet enabled.


Healing via Internet (or phone)

The abilities of our consciousness to connect and work with qi are not limited by the space. The distance between the healer and the client is a factor but not necessarily a disadvantage. Sometimes distant sessions can give even better results. Video (Skype/ooVoo) or phone connection is preferable so the healer can give his instructions and be in contact during the session. If phone connection is not possible, the healer can use a recent photo of the client.

There are individual distance healing sessions (one on one) and group distance healing sessions (one to many).  They both have their advantages and give you different experience.  Read more...


Consultation via Internet (or phone)

Variety of consultations are available over Internet (Skype).  Here are some of them:



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